Bicerìn Milano


We have made a long research, which never ends. We love wine and we never stop learning and discovering new winemakers.


We would like to let you know the small and tiny Italian and foreign winemakers who sometimes live the wine, as the only reason for being.
They are special people, some are friends, others only acquainted but all united by the will of
transforming grapes into a unique product, which has been history, culture and aesthetics for ages.

Winemakers who care for the vineyard as their own son and make this transformation process of the fruit into “alcoholic nectar” as pure as possible, without too many rules, but with the awareness of
creating something unique and not replicable.

Our selection is over 800 labels ranging from north to south of Italy, as well as others
nations as France, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Georgia, Greece …

Small and tiny vintners who want to produce the excellence!

Come and join us, come and discover our space called “WINE LIBRARY”. Every
bottle has its own story to tell. Some bottles will be austere, other sparkling and light, some still a bit boring but then there will be the ones you will find surprising.

As in a bookstore, to help you to decide whether enjoy a book or another, in our Wine Library you can read the “plot” of each bottle. On the neck of each bottle there is a small label that explains
the characteristics of the product, the producer, the combinations, the territory, the grape …
Get carried by curiosity, we will be happy to tell you the story behind each single bottle.

We have a specific area for the “vintage”, wines that “getting mature” and “aging” become wiser. They are real unique and rare experiences!
 We can also help you realize your “private cellar” and keep it always supplied, ask more information in the store.